Language Services for Games

Translations and transformations

Secaican is not just about text. It's about worldbuilding. Whether you need something translated from another language, or you need a fictional language to be constructed from scratch, Secaican could transform the way you communicate with players.

What Secaican offers
Writer coaching

Express yourself elegantly. Hire Secaican to edit your content, or book one-on-one consultations for personal guidance on your development as a writer. Learn more


Translate game text, marketing copy and more. Secaican will provide translation to and from many languages, specialising in Japanese-English. Learn more

Constructed languages

Increase player immersion, cut down on localisation costs, and inspire engagement from fans. Have a fictional language constructed bespoke to suit your creative vision. Learn more

Interlingual critical writing
Should games be interesting or fun?

Nobuki Yasuda's intuitive approach to critically assessing games Read More

Between excessive fantasy and selfish disillusionment

Reading a Japanese essay from 1999 about visual novel 'Captain Love' Read More

Impossible, impermissable, queer

Rules, norms and laws as theorised in Japanese games blogging Read More

Who is Secaican?
Zoya Street

A historian, translator and conlanger (creator of fictional languages) Zoya Street has been working in the games industry since 2011. He brings to projects an understanding not just of the creative aspects of game design and storytelling, but also how design and communication need to be adapted for different business models.